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Meet Mentors in Western Canada

Even more mentors coming soon!

Eugene Krupa Headshot.png
Eugene Krupa

Co-Principal & Senior Researcher,

Catalyst R&D

I currently specialize in research and evaluation at Catalyst R&D. We have offices in Kelowna, BC and Edmonton, AB. I have worked for 10 years with refugee-serving organizations and assisted with multiple external evaluations. 

Roxanne Felix-Mah Headshot.png
Roxanne Felix-Mah

Co-Executive Director,

Multicultural Family Resource Society

I currently work at the Multicultural Family Resource Society in Edmonton, AB. I have 20 years of experience conducting community-based evaluations and community-engaged research with local and provincial organizations. 

Zulfira Pulotova Headshot.jpg
Zulfira Pulotova

Evaluation Consultant

Connect Local & Global, Inc.

I offer extensive experience in evaluation in both the immigrant and refugee-serving and international development sectors, including participatory evaluation and capacity-building in evaluative thinking. 


Mentors are researchers, community members, and staff that are available to either volunteer or be hired for evaluation support, consultation and guidance*

Things to consider...

Ask yourself how much support and guidance you need?
One conversation? A few days? For the entire project?

What is your CAPACITY?
Do you have the funds to hire a mentor, or are you limited to those volunteering their time? 

Is the mentor's previous experience relevant to your proposed evaluation?

Take a look at this helpful checklist for more tips on working with external researchers!




Sign up to learn more about how you can become a mentor and help build the evaluation capacity of groups across Canada


Check out this checklist and learn more about the requirements mentors should meet.
Birgitta Larsson Headshot.jpg
Birgitta Larsson


BIM Larsson & Associates

I currently work as an Evaluation Consultant in Edmonton, AB. I have many years of experience working with community organizations on evaluation, including supporting organizations to strengthen their internal evaluation structures and processes. 

Jason Daniels

Research Associate, Community-University Partnership, University of Alberta

I currently work at the University of Alberta. I have worked as an evaluator for 12 years. I have extensive experience in conducting participatory, community-based evaluations in many different areas of focus. 

Javier Mignone

Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba

I have more than 20 years of experience teaching evaluation with a community-based focus. I also work with community organizations and students on community-based research and evaluation.

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