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Team Leads

The Centre for Community Based Research (CCBR) is the lead organization for the Evaluating Refugee Programs website and has partnered with the Evaluation Capacity Network (ECN) to develop the tools & resources for this website.

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Centre for Community Based Research (CCBR)

Since 1982, the Centre for Community Based Research (CCBR) has strengthened communities through social research.

  • We are passionate about bringing people together to provide real and innovative solutions to pressing issues in our communities

  • Our approach to evaluation is community-driven, participatory and action-oriented. It mobilizes people to participate as full and equal members of society

CCBR has completed more than 70 projects related to immigrants & refugees in relation to cultural diversity in Canada, and regularly partners with refugee and immigrant serving organisations on program evaluations. 

CCBR is a non-profit housed at St. Paul's University College, University of Waterloo. 

Evaluation Capacity Network (ECN)

The Evaluation Capacity Network (ECN), housed within the Community-University Partnership (CUP) at the University of Alberta, is a program of research that builds collaborations among existing evaluation institutions and organizations and serves as a central point of contact for partners to access evaluation expertise, resources, educational opportunities, and networks. The ECN aims to:


  • enhance evaluation capacity building opportunities

  • serve as an evaluation broker by developing and implementing evaluations

  • develop an interdisciplinary network of evaluation stakeholders

  • increase cross-sector dialogue to bridge funder and agency perspectives on evaluation

The ECN’s ultimate goal is to build evaluation capacity that informs program and policy decision-making.


Rebecca Gokiert


Evaluation Capacity Network, CUP


Rich Janzen

 Co-Executive Director, CCBR

Rich 2012.jpg

Jason Daniels

Research Associate,

Community-University Partnership (CUP)

Sherry Rezvani

Shelly Jun

Joanna Ochocka

 Co-Executive Director, CCBR

Researcher, CCBR

Research Coordinator,

Evaluation Capacity Network, CUP

DSC_0128 (1).jpg

Mischa Taylor

Research Assistant,

Evaluation Capacity Network, CUP


Emma Wallace

Research Assistant,

Evaluation Capacity Network, CUP


Lihua Yang

Researcher, CCBR

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