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Webinars and Recorded Events

The five webinars below provide an overview of community-based evaluation and its four phases.


The recorded live events below address topics that workshop participants wanted to learn more about. 


Acting on Findings
Community-based evaluation
Laying the Foundation
Information Gathering and Analysis

Recorded Live Events

May 29, 2020 , Overview of Community-Based Evaluation

June 17, 2020, Data Collection and Analysis in Community-Based Evaluation

September 24, 2020, Building an Organizational Culture of Evaluation

December 11, 2020, Life Beyond Refuge: Stories of Impact

November 19, 2020, Stakeholder Engagement in Community-Based Evaluation

October 23, 2020, Ethics When Evaluating with Refugee Newcomers

February 5, 2021, Competing Agendas?: Bridging Funder and Organization Expectations in Evaluation

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