Eugene Krupa

Type of Service: Over the last 40 years (and since 2009 through "Catalyst R & D"), much of my work has been in creating, implementing and evaluating innovations.  These were related to health, human services, learning and intersectoral movements.  Most of those addressed social determinants of health and wellbeing (poverty, gender, ECD, etc.) as well as a focal issue. I have experience with vulnerable populations, mentorship systems, community development, and knowledge utilization for change in policies, programs and practices. 
Credentials: PhD, CE (Canadian Evaluation Society "Credentialed Evaluator")
Location: I am based in Kelowna, BC and work with groups in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and other locations in BC and Alberta.
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This website helps build the evaluation capacity of the refugee sector across Canada in order to improve supports and outcomes for newcomers who came as refugees.


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