Nelson Jean-François

Type of Service: I have over 7 years of experience working in program evaluation, learning and result based management (RBM). I built non-for-profit organizations capacity in evaluation by providing them with trainings, guidance and mentorship supports in different field such as economic development, health and refugee programs. I believe that evaluation can make programs better and help settlement agencies meet their clients need and have a more significant impact. Currently I am working as program evaluation and accreditation specialist. However, I am available to provide supports (training, guidance, build M&E system and database, conduct research and community-based evaluation) to services providers organizations for free or/and on a fee basis.
Credentials: I have a bachelor’s in economics and a master’s degree in social entrepreneurship. I am a member of the American evaluation association (AEA) and the Canadian evaluation society (CES). I attended several training sessions during my professional experience in program evaluation and result based management provided by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Canadian Red-Cross (CRC).  
Location: I am based in Ottawa, Ontario but willing to travel if needed. 
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This website helps build the evaluation capacity of the refugee sector across Canada in order to improve supports and outcomes for newcomers who came as refugees.


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