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The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative Toolkit is a supplementary toolkit on community-based evaluation that gives practical strategies to evaluate community refugee sponsorship programs. Globally the term "community sponsorship" is favoured over the "private sponsorship" term we use in Canada.

This Toolkit was developed by the Centre for Community Based Research under the guidance of an international steering committee led by the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative, and funded by Immigration, Refugees, & Citizenship Canada. The toolkit covers the 4 phases and 11 nonlinear steps of community-based evaluation in more detail. And it provides real-life illustrations of how each step is being implemented in community sponsorship evaluations in various countries.The GRSI Toolkit includes a slide deck detailing each step. It also includes a workbook to help facilitate conversations in designing your community-based evaluation.

GRSI slide image.png
GRSI workbook image.png

The GRSI icon at the bottom of each step page will direct you to referenced pages in the GRSI Toolkit: either the slide deck or the workbook.

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